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Marketing Merchants

Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag
Non-woven bags including Shopping Bags, Gift Bags, Promotional Bags, Green Bags, Retail Bags, Eco Bags, Tote Bags to Carrier Bags.

Peper Bag
Paper Bag
Paper bad include promotional bag , recycled bag , laminated bag , un-laminated bag , green bag, eco-friendly bag, retail bag , reusable bag.

Premium Gift
Premium Gifts
premium gift include water tumbler, key-chair, bag, umbrella, t-shirt, pen, watch, and etc.

Gift Boxes
Gift box include jewelry boxes, handmade jewelry boxes, handmade boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, chocolate boxes to customized boxes.

Diary and Organizer
The selected diary or organizer can also be presented either in a remium
gift box or special gift box.